Our Produce & Brands


Chinese Produce

We are the sole producer of ‘TL’ or Thompson’s Leaf, an important ingredient for Chinese restaurants and Jumbo Salad Onions selected and grown exclusively for the Chinese sector.

We an offer unrivalled levels of experience, service and consistency.

Our products are available in all leading Chinese Supermarkets and Major Chinese wholesalers

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Apples & Pears

We grow Braeburn, Opal® and Topaz and Evelina apples and Conference Pears. We are innovators in fruit growing, always selecting and tasting new varieties to find the best. Our location on the Tendring peninsula in Essex gives us a the perfect combination of light and the mild climate creating ideal conditions for fruit growing


Stone fruit, figs, rhubarb and citrus.

We grow a selection of varieties of Apricot, ‘Lizzie’ plums, dark and sweet and incredibly juicy.

Our outdoor fig orchard is the only one in the UK.

We also have our own variety of rhubarb. The farm is home a number of trials of other new fruit including citrus.Stone fruit, figs, rhubarb and citrus.





Every year tonnes of fruit is wasted around the country because it’s too big, too small or too ugly to be sold. Instead of letting the unwanted apples and pears from our own farm be wasted, we turn it into delicious juice.

 "A fantastic producer - beautiful juice, each variety distinct, delicious, unique."  - Michel Roux Jr.

Our range of four juices is available in 750ml and 250ml individual serve bottles.


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Our apricot and plum fruit gins are made using fruit which we can't sell.

More details and a website coming in January 2018.